Weather2Build - New Weather Service for Building and Construction Launched!

23 February, 2012

Weather2 Ltd has launched a groundbreaking new weather service for building and construction called ‘Weather2Build’. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the industry, to help plan operations according to the forecast and protect projects from adverse weather

Weather2 Ltd is a leading UK company providing global forecasts and other weather information to businesses and consumers across the world. Its latest service – ‘Weather2Build’ - combines the expertise of a team of highly experienced meteorologists with cutting edge weather modeling technology. Each forecast is based on the precise latitude, longitude and altitude of the site.

In addition to the site-specific forecasts, the service also includes an overview for the coming week, weather risk analysis, and a weather alerts system. The information is delivered daily via email in an easy to read, printer-friendly format. In addition, text alerts are sent to the phones of key personnel.

Services Benefits:

• Plan and manage on site operations with respect to anticipated weather
• Effective control for weather related risks and optimise safety on site
• Re-allocate resource to different tasks depending on forecast outlook
• Save time and money by ensuring work carried out is safe from weather related damage
• Justification for 'downing tools' and ceasing operations due to predicted adverse weather

Key Features:

• Forecast overview for 5-days ahead
• Weather risk analysis specific to construction activities
• Emailed to key staff with easy print facility and accessible online
• Text alerts delivered direct to mobiles of key personnel
• Multiple construction sites catered for

Try it for FREE now!

Try the service free for a month with absolutely no obligation. We can set up for single or multiple sites and deliver to all required key personnel. Call us on (+44) 0870 046 0735 or visit:

Weather2 is a leading provider of location based UK and global weather information. We pride ourselves on supplying fast access to highly reliable weather forecasting for any global location - “weather wherever”.

For more information about working with Weather2 Ltd please contact or or call +44 (0) 870 046 0735


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