Climate and weather are the most important factors in influencing holiday decisions, according to the latest research. An Ipsos MORI survey of 3500 European consumers concludes that 2010 was the first year climate overtook weather as the top criteria when choosing a holiday destination.

Furthermore, the survey shows that in Britain, the overwhelming majority of holidays are booked on-line (68%). Travel agencies, booking sites and publishers take note. This research proves the importance of having live weather data and climate profiles on your site.

A second impartial study by FIA confirms that weather is a more important factor in choosing a holiday than ‘cost of living’, ‘quality of accommodation’, ‘natural beauty’ and ‘nightlife’, understandably second only to ‘general safety’.

Since weather is the most critical criteria for choosing a holiday, and most holidays are booked online, for a travel publisher not to display quality weather content on their web-site could be very damaging for business.

Displaying weather content will attract prospective holidaymakers to your site over your competitors. Including climate profiles will deepen the level of engagement with your visitors, thereby increasing conversions. For more information please visit our Travel Publishers page.

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