443402_40413039 (1)Cowes will host its world famous premier sailing regatta, Cowes Week 2013 from 2nd to 10th August, and Weather2 will be covering the Cowes Harbour Weather in full with its  comprehensive marine forecasts.

Cowes Week is the longest running regular regatta in the world. The sailing event will kick off on the Solent (the area of water between southern England and the Isle of Wight) with over 1000 yachts and approximately 8,000 crew members participating

As sailing is a hugely weather-dependent sport, both the organizers, competitors and spectators will require accurate weather information for Cowes Harbour and The Solent.

Organizers ‘Cowes Combined Clubs’ require specific weather information to plan and decide the position of the course, the committee boat and course markers. The challenge is to ensure that the starting line is perpendicular to the wind direction to make this a fair race. Up to date information about wind direction, wind speed and the state of the sea is crucial for preparation.

Bearing in mind that this is an English summer; we could have beautiful blue skies with force 3 to 4 south Westerlies or grey clouds and near gale force winds. Too much or too little wind is a challenge for the sailors! Keep an eye on the wind, wave and swell conditions for Cowes Week in our marine forecast for Cowes.

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