1288990_77261064For the past couple of weeks Britain has been experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. Some parts of the UK were hitting record temperatures – with the seaside town of Margate in East Kent at times enjoying warmer weather than Tenerife, and Glasgow beating LA for hotness.

And this hot British weather has been a big boon for the domestic tourism industry.

Although Britain has always been good at tourism despite its typically unpredictable weather – with London being the most popular destination city in the world – this year the sizzling hot weather is having huge impact on domestic tourism as well as inbound arrivals.

According to a Travelodge survey, 65% of Britons decided to take their holiday at home this year. This is a noteworthy increase from the past two years, when 41% and 35% of Britons took a domestic break in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

But whilst domestic tourism is basking in the sun, the outbound tourism sector is really starting to feel the heat. Whilst the wet and gloomy summer of 2012 saw travel agents’ profits soar, this year, the uncharacteristically warm weather is making them work up a sweat:

Mr Endacott from On Holiday Group, said: “Rather than delaying the booking decision, [the heat wave] may be simply removing customers from the market.”

He went on to say that most major on-line travel agents have complained of a reduction of sales by more than 20% – a significant deficit.

With the Mail Online reporting that 59% of people admitted to going over their holiday budget in 2012, Brits are clearly looking for cheaper alternatives to sun and sea holidays and resorting to staycations.

So with staycations being so hot right now, why not check the forecast for one of the top five most popular places to visit in the UK according to Travelodge:

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Lake District
4. Cornwall
5. Scottish Highlands

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