One of the most hotly contested rivalries in international sport is finally underway in the form of The Ashes. But how will the notoriously unreliable British weather affect the Cricket?

Cricket is an incredibly weather sensitive sport, and with the typically volatile UK weather, it is important for players, fans, groundsmen and bookmakers to keep a very close eye on the weather forecast for the Ashes.

So far the hot spell of weather that the UK has had in the run-up to the Ashes will work to Australia’s advantage, as they will be more used to playing in intense heat and sunlight – conditions which can cause dehydration, exhaustion and heat stroke. Tactically speaking, a hard, parched ground will provide more grip for the ball, a condition that favours the bowler.

 Weather2 provides interactive charts which show the amount of moisture in the ground in 20 min intervals over the course of a day for every major cricket venue, in the ‘detailed charts’ section of the forecast.

However, the only predictable thing about the British weather is that it is unpredictable, and there is always the probability of a cool, wet front affecting proceedings.

Too much rain can often interrupt or stop matches altogether, whilst wet and cold weather will serve to make the ball heavier and harder, putting the fielding side at a disadvantage.

Light quality is another issue – as the ball is hurled at the batsman at speeds of up to 100 mph is it vital for them to be able to see it clearly. Weather2 provides a light quality and visibility index for every one of the Ashes venues within the ‘risk’ section of the forecast.

England will play Australia over 5 tests taking place between 10 July- 25 august at Trent Bridge, Lord’s, Old Trafford, Chester-le-Street and The Oval respectively. We will bring you the most up-to-date cricket weather information for free including 14 day weather forecasts, current weather, Detailed charts & graphs and probability tables. To view The Ashes schedule and weather information for The Ashes Cricket venues, click on the links below.


Wed Jul 10 - Sun Jul 14
11:00 BST

1st Test
Trent Bridge
Thu Jul 18 - Mon Jul 22
11:00 BST
2nd Test
Thu Aug 1 - Mon Aug 5
11:00 BST
3rd Test
Old Trafford
Fri Aug 9 - Tue Aug 13
11:00 BST
4th Test
Riverside Ground
Wed Aug 21 - Sun Aug 25
11:00 BST
5th Test
Kennington Oval

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