fashion-hairSo we all have bad hair days or should I say big hair days? And no doubt the weather is a big contributing factor to the way your hair feels, be it humidity, wind or sunshine that’s damaging your hair. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather but armed with local or holiday weather information you can prepare accordingly.

 This summer, the UK has experienced something of a heat-wave. Now, there is nothing I enjoy more than lounging in the sun but sadly my hair does not feel the same way. UV-ray damage, chlorine and salt water build up can make your hair dry and brittle, resulting in split ends! For every strand, type, and texture there is a hair care product available to refresh, protect, and soften it. Are you spoilt for choice or just plain confused in the hair-care aisle? Allow me to shed some light on the solution to your season specific hair problems:


1. Cut down on the shampoo, because shampooing every day is extremely drying to your scalp and hair. Reducing shampoo will actually allow your scalp’s oil production to re-balance itself. 

 2. Search for a shampoo and conditioner that contains Sunflower because it is a NATURAL UV protectant from the sun.

 3. Invest in a versatile cleanser that is especially created to remove chlorine, salt and product build-up from your hair, there are many shampoo brands available that are especially created for swimmers.

4. Try a dry conditioner before blow drying to soften coarse, salt-dried strands without the greasiness. Alternatively a Leave-In Mist, containing antioxidants will protect your hair and scalp from free-radical damage and strengthen your strands by helping them to retain moisture.

5. Try massaging with Argan oil to exfoliate old cells, increase scalp circulation and to promote hair growth. Argan oil has been dubbed the celebrity secret for sensational tresses. It is a plant-based solution that is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. This is a super versatile and natural product that can be used for:

  • hair styling
  • heat protector
  • hair and scalp conditioning treatment
  • hair growth-treatment

6. Simply wearing a hat or hair scarf will provide further UV protection from the sun and will help your hair retain its much needed moisture.

So come rain or shine, treat your hair to some much needed tender love and care!

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