skin 1Love the skin that you live in! This is easier said than done, it’s difficult to love your skin when it is dry and flaking or oily and acne prone. The delicate skin on your face is especially vulnerable, as compared to the rest of our body because it is directly exposed to the harsh elements: Sun, wind, rain and snow.

Don’t let the current weather take its toll on your skin! Armed with the correct knowledge and action, your skin can get a happy ending too.

Follow my top skin-care tips for a summer glow:

1. Use a lighter moisturiser in the summer, which will hydrate your skin without overloading it. If you have oily skin, then try an oil-free or oil-balancing moisturiser.

2. Select a moisturiser which carries at least SPF 15 or higher, for everyday use. You may want to top up your moisturiser with additional sunscreen, especially on sun sensitive areas, such as the nose and lips.

3. The sun can cause hyper pigmentation/brown spots because of the heat from UV rays. Even if you are careful about sun protection, your melanin activity can still be stimulated, resulting in an increase of brown spots. Try using a skin lightener every day to control the melanin activity and prevent pigmentation from getting worse.

4. I highly recommend using a BB (beauty balm) for UV protection, anti-aging and brightening benefits

5. Don’t neglect your lips! Lips have no melanin, making them more vulnerable to sun damage. Invest in a lip salve that has an indicated SPF 15 or higher.

6. Do reapply sunscreen after swimming, because no sunscreen is totally waterproof! In general, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours.

7. Adopt a good cleansing routine to avoid blocked pores and breakouts in the summer:

  • Remove all make-up and perspiration built up during the day with oil blotting paper.
  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly at night with a good quality cleanser. Avoid soap! Because it will strip your skin of its water and natural oils.
  • Exfoliate to remove dead surface skin cells.
  • Add a toner to remove any residue left and to rebalance skin.

8. Drink at least two litres of water per day!

9. Eat plenty of watermelon and cantaloupes to keep your skin hydrated with antioxidants.

So come rain or shine, treat your skin to some much needed tender love and care!

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