weather moduleAs a website operating in the travel and holiday space, you may wonder if a live weather feed for your destinations is a good investment.

According to latest research, displaying weather on your travel site can generate a surge in new traffic, and keep visitors returning even after they’ve booked their trip.

A major study found that 73% of tourists had checked climate info for their holiday destinations prior to departure, stating that it was an important factor to get them excited. Moreover, 72% say that the weather is now a more important factor than good food or a great location when deciding upon their holiday destination. In short – weather information will attract more visitors to your site and engage them more deeply.

It also appears that weather updates are a perfect way to re-engage with visitors after they have booked their trip. A recent report by The Independent states that 45% of holidaymakers go online daily to check the weather prior to their holidays.

This represents a huge potential market for post-booking, pre-departure offers. Value added services such as hotels, insurance and car hire can be promoted. Alternatively, this traffic can be monetised in other ways – through PPC or campaign advertising, or through sponsorship deals.

If you don’t have latest weather information on your website then you risk losing valuable traffic – and the aforementioned revenue opportunities that come with it – to your competitors.  When you look at the facts, implementing weather content seems like a no-brainer.

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