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Weather2 is a leading provider of location based global weather information. Clients across the world rely on us to deliver accurate weather data to support their business activities. With our comprehensive weather data and wide range of products and services we are guaranteed to have a weather solution that will benefit your business.

Constantly evolving and innovating, we offer business clients highly reliable information and data designed to contribute to maximizing profitability. Our services range from small weather feeds for websites or mobile apps, to large corporate weather requirements for business intelligence. 

Our experts will create a bespoke service to fulfil your business needs, whether it is for the simple provision of weather data to publish on your website or for cutting edge weather models to establish the best location for a wind farm. Whatever your business needs, we have the solution.

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Proud to count the following businesses among our clients.

Client of Ours

"Weather2 became a content supplier for Multimap in 2006 providing weather data services to Multimap's core Consumer and B2B platform. We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship receiving a high quality, detailed and reliable feed of global weather information linked to key geographical locations. We have been pleased to form a long-standing relationship with Weather2 and trust this continues in the future."
Anthony Warner, Contracts and Partnership Manager of Microsoft Multimap, United Kingdom


Client of Ours

"Sky have worked closely with Weather2 since November 2002 and relied upon daily content feeds to drive the Weather Forecast Service broadcast on Skytext. The service and support provided by Weather2 has consistently met the requirements of British Sky Broadcasting."
Verity Jowett, Managing Editor of Skytext, British Sky Broadcasting, United Kingdom


Client of Ours

“We chose to partner with Weather2 as Weather2 provide the necessary global data for a wide range of activities required to meet our expanding and changing needs. This partnership has required a responsive and flexible attitude by Weather2 in order for us to achieve our business objectives.”
Matt Norbury, Managing Director, Instant Access Technologies, United Kingdom

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