Golf course weather forecast service launches iPhone App

05 April, 2012 launches international golf course weather forecast iPhone app. is a quick and simple service that provides golfers with everything they need to predict the weather on their golf course. The instant and accurate course specific weather forecasts pin-point theconditions for the next 14 days on any golf course. And now it’s available in the Apple app store.

Made by golfers for golfers we understand what information you need to get the most from your round. Whether you need to choose the best day to play with your friends on a specific course or whether you need tofigure out the best time on any particular day to tee off and avoid the rain, Latest Golf Weather delivers all the information any golfer could need. Spend more time out on the course in the right conditions with the new app.

Search for any course in the UK and within a few clicks a14 day overview displaying the information such as weather conditions, temperature, visibility and much more are delivered in ahigh impact, visual forecast format.

For added accuracy there is a 3-hourly breakdown for the first 7days (6-hourly for the next 7 days) so that you can really learnabout how the weather is going to be for the duration of yourround and what is the best time to tee off. is a collaboration between digital specialists ADIMIA and meteorological experts Weather2.

Key app features...

• 14 day forecasts
• 17,500+ golf courses
• International courses UK, USA, Europe
• International forecast units
• Find courses near to your current location
• Save your favorite courses for ease of access
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£0.69p - $0.99c Weather / Sport

12.3 MB
iPhone 3GS or later / iOS 5.0 or later.
5 star
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This app is part of the Latest Weather Network developed by ADIMIA Limited. The forecasts inside the app are provided by Weather2 a leading international provider of location based, global weather. | |

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