Weather Company Launches Services for Cricket Industry

21 August, 2012

Sports meteorology experts Weather2 have launched a range of services for the Cricket industry intended for players, fans, and club management.

1. Free Cricket Weather Forecasts

For cricket players and fans, Weather2 have a new section on their website with free weather forecasts for every major cricket ground in the world. There is also a feature to add any ground not yet listed on the site for free.

Below is a link to the Cricket section of their site:

2. Content for Cricket Sites and Apps

Weather2 now offers cricket weather content feeds for websites and apps. These are used by clients to increase visitor traffic and retention, as well as to engage with new and existing customers. An example of the content can be viewed here:
3. Ground Management Service for Cricket Clubs

The Weather2 ground management service consists of an email delivered each morning and afternoon to key personnel. The information supports the maintenance of the grounds and helps with event and crowd management. Within the email is a detailed 20 minute interval forecast based on the exact latitude, longitude and altitude of the facility. Also included in the service is a detailed weather risk analysis. The service is designed to ensure playing facilities are maintained in the best possible condition, thereby saving the club time and money. 

Below is an example of the email:

For more information on these services or on Weather2 please Contact or call +44 (0)870 046 0735

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