Weather2 Launches Family of Weather Apps for Android Devices

03 February, 2012

Weather2 Ltd has launched family of sports weather apps for Android users. The eight different apps are for skiing, golf, football, rugby, cricket, horseracing, motor racing, and fishing. All the apps are free to download. - a leading UK website providing global forecasts and other weather information - has teamed up with Studio Eleven to launch an innovative line of sports weather apps for the android market. Each app is uniquely designed for a specific sport, with eight to choose from. The apps contain a comprehensive database of popular locations and venues for your favourite sport, whether it’s skiing resorts, golf clubs, or football stadiums. For each location you can view the latest 14-day weather forecast, satellite images, news updates, and much more.

The apps are a fantastic resource for any sports fan, whether they want to check the snow reports for a ski resort, or the pitch-side conditions for a football match. The apps are an indispensable tool for those actively participating in recreation, sport spectators, and sports betting.

The 8 different apps are:
 - Weather2 Ski
 - Weather2 Golf
 - Weather2 Football
 - Weather2 Motor Race
 - Weather2 Rugby
 - Weather2 Cricket
 - Weather2 Horse Race
 - Weather2 Fish

Features of the apps include:

 - Database of global venues/ locations
 - Specialized 14-day weather information (7-day for Ski)
 - Animated satellite images
 - Resort web cams
 - Graphs and charts
 - Intelligent search facility

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Weather2 is a leading provider of location based UK and global weather information. We pride ourselves on supplying fast access to highly reliable weather forecasting for any global location. “Weather wherever”.

For more information about working with Weather2 Ltd please contact or or call +44 (0) 870 046 0735

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