Weather2 Launches Horse Racing Service

21 August, 2012

Weather2 has launched Weather2Race - a weather service for the horse racing industry, featuring detailed forecasts for horse racing venues, weather ‘risk’ analysis and much more.

Weather2 are specialists in sports meteorology - providing weather information to high profile sports clients - and this is the latest offering from their meteorological team.

Weather2Race includes highly accurate forecasts for any horseracing venue in the UK, including racecourses, stables, and unique training locations.

The forecasts are based on the exact location of each venue, ensuring the highest possible level of accuracy. The client may also add their own location to the database to create a custom forecast.

Benefits of Weather2Race:

-    Know the precise weather conditions for an upcoming race or training session.
-    Make more accurate predictions for races
-    Predict the changing conditions of the ground over the course of the day
-    Increase visitor traffic and retention (if published on the client’s website)
-    Engage with new and existing customers (if published on client’s website)

Included in the service is a range of charts specifically designed for industry professionals. These charts predict the changing conditions of the racetrack over the coming 3 days in 20 minute intervals.

-    surface conditions
-    cumulative precipitation
-    grass surface temperature
-    subsoil temperature
-    dew point
-    wind speed information
-    cloud cover
-    evapotranspiration
Also included is a ‘weather risk’ analysis. This displays the mathematical probability of certain weather events occurring, a valuable tool for making informed decisions and planning ahead.

Weather2Race is currently being showcased on the website for a limited time only. To view the content visit the link below and select a racecourse:

This weather information is delivered via a daily email or via SMS. Alternatively it can be supplied as a content feed for integration with the client’s website, blog, and social media channels.

For more information about Weather2Race or Weather2 Ltd
Contact or call 0870 046 0735

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