Weather Content for Holiday and Travel Publishers

Attract more visitors and sell more holidays with our easily integrated weather content specifically designed for holiday and travel publishers.

We provide four key types of weather content for publishers in the travel industry; current weather, forecast weather, climate profiles, and our new holiday weather index, 'Good Weather Now', for last minute holiday bookings.

Publishing our weather will attract more visitors to your site, encourage return visitors resulting in increased sales of your products.

Current Weather Data

Regardless of whether you are a travel agent, a holiday booking site, or a tour operator, our data will help you sell your services to potential customers. By publishing our current weather data you will be providing customers with necessary and compelling content in aiding their decision making. Show them their holiday sunshine before they've even boarded the plane!

Forecast Weather Data

Prolong the time customers spend on your website and optimise their experience by publishing our 14 day premium quality forecasts for worldwide destinations. Not only will this help them make informed decisions about the duration and timing of their holiday, but will also ensure they stay on your site instead of being forced to check this information elsewhere. Our forecast updates delivered via email and SMS legitimise pre-departure contact with customers to promote more services such as insurance, car hire, and hotel bookings.

Climate Profiles

We provide climate profiles for various global destinations. These comprise of historical data displayed as monthly averages. This data gives your customers an excellent overview which includes average and extreme temperatures, humidity, precipitation levels, wind speed, snow days, fog days, hours of sunshine, sea temperatures and more.

  • Worldwide destinations covered
  • Data accrued over 2 decades
  • Written summaries
  • Detailed charts and graphs available

Good Weather Now

Good Weather Now is a valuable online tool designed to drive last minute bookings. The economic downturn has seen the number of last minute holidays surge as people increasingly look for cheaper travel deals. 'Good Weather Now' uses complex algorithms to rank global holiday resorts by best weather over the coming week, making it ideal for this market. Factoring in a number of variables including sunshine, temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation, as well as overnight occurrences, it comes up with a rating out of ten for each destination. Use this tool to promote last minute bookings!

Our weather content will be packaged to fit with your requirements and to make any integration effortless.

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