Evapotranspiration Forecast Data

It is a time when drought and water shortages are becoming increasingly frequent all over the world and consequently many countries are facing problems in providing a basic water supply for their population as well as water for the irrigation of their farms and crops to feed their people. Weather2 has made a significant contribution to help overcome the impact of water shortages by increasing the efficiency of water utilisation. We can generate highly accurate global evapotranspiration forecast data for up to 7-days ahead.

This model has been tested against actual recordings and produces a single daily evapotranspiration figure, allowing for easy calibration of sprinkler and irrigation systems for effective water resource management. Using Weather2’s evapotranspiration service to obtain this valuable data means it is no longer necessary to install expensive water monitoring equipment, thus saving your business money. It also provides an alternative for those who cannot afford to buy such equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

Whether required for water management of large industrial irrigation systems or smaller sprinkler systems we create a customised modelled service to capture the unique attributes of your particular geolocation, soil, crop or plant type. In tests our evapotranspiration forecasting model has proven to be over 95% accurate compared to actual measurements and at such levels using our data would mean significant water savings. We can also provide precipitation forecasts along with evapotranspiration data giving a combination service to facilitate highly effective water resource management.

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