Weather for Golf Courses

Get Adobe Flash player Weather2 has developed a product specifically for golf courses. It delivers accurate weather information via Email and SMS to your key personnel. The service is essential for the efficient management of weather sensitive operations such as green and fairway maintenance.

There are many activities undertaken by green keepers that are subject to the caprices of the weather, and if timed incorrectly will result in huge financial losses to your club. Putting down fertiliser only for it to be washed away by a spell of heavy rain is just one example of this. By using our bespoke golf forecasting service your club can better plan and manage its operations and insure itself against damages caused by unforeseen weather occurrence.

Our data is displayed as an easy to read graphical representation as well as a concise text summary of the coming days’ weather. It includes subsoil and turf temperatures and cumulative precipitation levels specifically designed for the benefit of green keepers. In addition this weather information can also be used by club members and to support the golf pro’s activities.

Our weather text alerts sent directly to key personnel via SMS mean that your staff will have access to the latest forecast updates 24/7, ensuring your facility is maintained in the best possible condition and your operations are streamlined.  In short, a better understanding of weather will save you time and money.

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