Weather for Gardening and Horticulture

Weather Content Supporting Growers and Promoting Garden Centre Activity

We have a range of services to help plant growers and promote garden centre activity and sales.

For the Horticulture sector we provide important weather information to help with the growing process and limit damage through extreme weather. Moreover our evapotranspiration data provides reliable information to maximize water usage through irrigation saving you money and lessening the environmental impact.  

Our Garden Centre products and services support the sales and marketing process. By working with Weather2 your Garden Centre business could profit by;

  • Measurably increasing sales both in store and through on-line websites
  • Providing clients with value added services differentiating you from competitors
  • Directly increasing traffic to your website
  • Effectively capture customer data

By providing your clients and potential clients with a range of weather services your business will be able to legitimize routine marketing and promotion of products specifically related to the anticipated weather. In turn this will lead to a positive purchase decision. We are here to help you grow!

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