Weather for Stadiums and Sports Grounds

We have developed a great weather product to help with the maintenance and management of stadiums and their playing surfaces. The product combines the experience and expertise of our in-house meteorological team with the very latest weather modelling technology.

The product consists of an email delivered each morning to all key personnel. Within the email is a detailed 20 minute interval forecast based on the exact latitude, longitude and altitude of the stadium location. The data is displayed as an easy to read graphical representation as well as a concise text summary of the day’s forecast. It includes subsoil and turf temperatures and cumulative precipitation levels specifically designed to benefit turf maintenance. Our data can also be utilised for aspects of safety and logistical operations such as crowd management and accessibility.

This product has a proven track record and has clear benefits to ensuring your facility is maintained in the best possible condition with your operations streamlined.  In short, a better understanding of the weather will save you time and money.

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