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It is common knowledge that the weather affects areas of business but a misconception that this is limited to a relative few industries. In fact it affects nearly all of the major areas of economic activity directly or indirectly. Agriculture is a no-brainer, but what about energy? Again yes. Manufacturing, distribution, retailing yes, yes and yes and the list continues. The conclusion is that nearly all economic activities can be negatively affected by the weather, however, with the correct prior knowledge its impact can not only be mitigated, but in many circumstances revenue and profits can be increased.

The recognition of the relationship between profits and weather has led Weather2 to develop a range of weather forecast services to help firms anticipate and to take action either to mitigate the possible costs or to increase revenue. These include, among others, a basic weather forecast for up to fourteen days ahead, plus specialist services for the construction industry, travel sector, golf and football clubs, marinas, and many others. All these basic services can be enhanced by the assignment of the probability of certain weather events occurring. In addition Weather 2 can provide a bespoke service supplying the appropriate data for business decisions, for example, the location of wind farms, solar panel projects etc. We also provide a trigger service to businesses for whom demand depends on specific levels of particular weather elements. 

In the past identifying relevant and detailed weather forecasts and relating them directly to business activity was problematic but with the introduction of sophisticated weather models and our ability to integrate them with production and distribution data means that firms can use the resulting information to enhance their bottom line. Weather2 has the in-house skills and expertise to model these sophisticated statistical relationships and to determine, to a high degree of complexity and accuracy, the impact of weather on a firm’s commercial activities.

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