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Temperature Variation Charts for regions around the World

These charts show the movement of cold and warm air masses at around 1500 metres above sea level. It does not tell you the temperature you will feel as it does not take into account the daily rise and fall of temperatures due to the ground heating and cooling. It is however great for understanding when there is a cooler or warmer air mass moving over you. The distinct colour change where cold and warm air meets highlights ‘weather fronts’. These fronts indicate significant changes in the weather.

If you want to be inspired by the way cold and warm air moves around the world take a look at the global area. Please remember that the values are relative blue being the coldest in that region and orange the warmest. Look at the key to see the real values. For the artists at heart just look at the patterns as it is like having an ever changing 60’s bubble lamp reflecting the continual battle between cold and warm air over our planet. Did you know that it is the temperatures difference between the poles and equator that drive much of our weather and this is a picture of that dynamic on-going battle?



North America

Africa and Middle East


South America

Australia and New Zealand

N Atlantic


Middle East

W. Hemsiphere

E. Hemsiphere

Azores & Madeira


Spain/Portugal & Balearics


Canaries & Cape Verde

New Zealand

Eastern Mediterranean

Central Mediterranean