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The Management Team

The Management Team have a proven record of building profitable business services that deliver information via Telephony and Web based applications. The team recognise and pursue the real and tangible benefits of conducting business electronically.

Weather2 are headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland and have offices in London, England and Zagreb, Croatia with AMI agencies in Australia, China, Korea and the United Arab Emirates. Europe and near Asia is covered from the UK office and the American continents are covered directly from the USA.

Paul Wisely

Paul has worked in the telephony industry at a senior level for over 10 years and was responsible for delivering some of the UK's first weather information services via premium rate telephony to clients such as the BBC and Teletext. Paul is responsible for building Weather2's strategic alliances and for the commercial activities of the company.

Paul is an outdoor enthusiast and has spent several winters skiing in Europe and has sailed the Atlantic.

Recently he completed a Master of Science qualification at Napier University, Edinburgh studying Interactive Technologies for Electronic Business.




John Armstrong

John has worked at a senior level in the production of editorial content for a range of commercial Web sites and telephony information services for over 7 years. He is responsible for the design and operation of the Weather2 Content Management System that allows information services to be assembled through a single interface but distributed to consumers via multi-channel applications.

John also enjoys an active leisure time and has skied extensively in Europe. He is also so enthusiastic about surfing that he even pursues this sport in Scottish waters.

John holds an MA Honours degree in Psychology from Glasgow University.





Tom Sawyer

Tom has worked for over 7 years at a senior level in the design and development of database driven information systems. He is responsible for the design, development and deployment of Weather2's content processing, delivery and database systems and integrating these into national telephony networks and Internet applications.

Tom, like the rest of the team enjoys the outdoors. He has snowboarded in the US and Europe and has been sailing since childhood; racing and cruising boats on the Clyde - and beyond as often as his schedule allows.

In addition to his technical qualifications Tom has a PhD in science from Glasgow University.




Aerospace & Marine International (AMI) provide our full portfolio of weather data. AMI is one of the world's leading and fastest growing meteorological and oceanographic specialist information companies with a reputation for excellence. Weather2 package AMI data into an extensive range of multi-media, multi-channel information services.

Opera Interactive Technology Group (OITG) provide our technology and telephony network infrastructure. OITG is one of Europe's leading telecoms service providers with offices around the world. The partnership with OITG, allows us to deliver telephony and messaging services in over 200 countries worldwide. In the UK our services are delivered across all the leading fixed and mobile telephone networks.

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