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Corrie Common: UK Weather Summary

Latest UK weather summary text for the next day

Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom


UK Weather Summary


C-tral and S-thern parts of England and Wales will see sporadic, locally heavy showers and thunderstorms with showers and perhaps thunderstorms also developing overnight across parts of Northern Ireland and S-thern Scotland with torrential downpours in places leading to a risk of flash flooding. Elsewhere, mostly dry but low cloud and mist affecting some N-then and E-tern regions, especially near North Sea coasts. Remaining very warm and humid for most.



Low cloud, mist and fog across N-thern and E-tern Britain will generally retreat back to the immediate coastline of the North Sea, although parts of NE England may stay cloudy and grey for much of the day. Elsewhere, mostly bright with sunny spells but further showers and thunderstorms will break out across S-thern England and Wales. Very warm or hot across S-thern England but less intense than recent days.